Dear SCMers, Senior Friends and Friends of WSCF, Shalom! It is with sadness that we bring news of the death of Prof. Kentaro Shiuzuki, former WSCF Secretary for East Asia Desk and Secretary for work with university teachers from 1957 to 1970. Prof. Shiuzuki died last Friday, July 9 of pneumonia in Tokyo, Japan at the age of 86. Below are excerpts from the letter sent by WSCF AP to the family fo Prof. Shiuzuki and attached is a brief background of Prof. Shiuzuki. "Prof.Shiuzuki's contributions to the life and work of the Student Christian Movement (SCM) Japan/Student YMCA of Japan and WSCF are immeasurable. We value his contribution to the Federation with a deep sense of love, respect and thanksgiving to his life shared to all of us. After graduating from Osaka University in 1947, he immediately became the Secretary of Student YMCA of Japan, where in the following year he met John R. Mott, founder of WSCF. Soon after this meeting, Kentaro was inspired to actively share the vision of the ecumenical youth movement in Japan and participated in WSCF meetings and programs in Ceylon and Rangoon. Through his efforts he laid down the ecumenical foundation of a strong and vibrant SCM Japan (Student YMCA), an affiliate member of WSCF, surviving decades of trials, challenges and successes. As WSCF Asia Secretary for 13 years from 1957 to 1965 based in Geneva, and Secretary for the work among university teachers based in Tokyo from 1965 to 1970, he became instrumental in the difficult task of developing and strengthening the work with university teachers and educators in the Asia region in the post World War II period and at a time when the “role of Christians in the Academic World” was a contentious topic of debate among the churches and university world. Kentaro also prepared the ground work for the WSCF regionalized structure in Asia which began to take shape in 1968. He was instrumental in launching the first leadership program for SCM Asia Secretaries, called Asia Leadership Development Center Program (ALDEC) in 1970 in Tozanso, Japan, of which many of the graduates became well-known leaders of the churches and the Ecumenical Movement in Asia." Kentaro is survived by his wife Tomoko and son, Isaku who are both living in Japan. Interment will be on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan. We invite and request all of you to remember Kentaro Shiuzuki in your prayers and celebrate his life and contribution to WSCF and the Ecumenical Movement. Kindly share this information to senior friends who may know Kentaro Shiuzuki. You can offer condolences, prayers and wordsof symphaties to his family and loved ones through SCM Japan. You can write to : YRIA YOKOHAMA at

In prayers and remembrance,

Necta Montes Rocas
Regional Secretary
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